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Michigan Bankruptcy Timeline

Struggling with debt? Bankruptcy could be the solution.

Repaying unmanageable debt may be, in some cases, a losing battle. Under these circumstances, it may be necessary for the debtor to rid themselves of this financial burden once and for all and ultimately move forward with a clean slate—which can be done through a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Although there are numerous alternatives that can be utilized to achieve a similar outcome, including debt consolidation, creditor negotiation and debt settlement, filing for bankruptcy would give an individual the opportunity to discharge most, if not all, of their debt. When faced with a dire financial situation, this is often the most practical solution. For this reason, you should not hesitate to explore your options with a Michigan bankruptcy lawyer at Hensel Law Office, PLLC if you have found yourself in a similar situation.

Preparing for Bankruptcy in Sterling Heights, MI

If you have made the decision to file for bankruptcy in Michigan, you will need to prepare for the process ahead. Although many people think that it starts when you submit your petition to the court, it is important to understand that the preparation phase begins as early as 180 days before filing.

For this reason, our firm encourages you to review the steps below:

  • Avoid Making Large Purchases - Many people assume that they can spend their money recklessly before filing for bankruptcy since their debt will soon be discharged. If you make large purchases or transfer substantial sums of money before filing, however, the bankruptcy court may think that you are attempting to commit fraud—which may lead to the dismissal of your case or a denied request for debt discharge.
  • Take the Means Test - If you are interested in filing under Chapter 7 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code, you will need to determine whether or not you are eligible. Since this process would eliminate most of your debt, it is strictly reserved for those who are in a dire financial situation. To find out if you qualify, you will need to take a means test—which determines how much disposable income you can contribute to repaying debt.
  • Undergo Credit Counseling - Before filing your bankruptcy petition with the court, you will need to undergo credit counseling within the preceding 180 days. The course must be government-approved, as you will need to include a certificate of completion with your petition. This 90-minute course will help you to evaluate your financial situation, review some of the possible alternatives and create a personal budget plan.

Initiating & Completing the Bankruptcy Process

Once you are adequately prepared to file for bankruptcy, you can submit your petition with the court. It is important to understand that it may take several months to receive a discharge of debt, but you will be able to enjoy the protections of an automatic stay during that period of time.

  • Automatic Stay Will be Ordered - Once your petition has been approved by the court, they will move quickly to order an automatic stay. This order will subsequently prohibit all creditors from continuing their collection efforts—which means that the foreclosure process will be halted, collection agencies will be barred from contacting you and your wages will not be garnished.
  • Creditors Will be Notified - Approximately 7-10 days after you have filed, the court will notify all creditors of the bankruptcy by mail. You will also receive notice of when you will need to appear in court—wherein you will need to decide what debts you will continue to pay. If any of your creditors wish to dispute the impending discharge of debt, they would have 60 days to do so.
  • Meeting with Creditors Will be Held - Approximately 30 days after filing, you will need to submit paperwork to the court indicated which debts you will continue to pay. Immediately after, you will be required to appear in bankruptcy court and meet with your creditors—if they choose to appear. This will start the discharge process unless a creditor disputes a particular debt.
  • Applicable Debts Will be Discharged - Approximately 60-90 days after your bankruptcy hearing, all applicable debts will be discharged. This may take longer if a creditor wishes to dispute the discharge of a particular debt, but you can expect to find relief within a few short months. Once the process has been concluded, you would no longer be protected by the automatic stay.

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Client Testimonials

  • Professional, competent, empathetic attorney.

    “My husband and I were forced into a position to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. We were devastated and mortified that we had to choose that route, but Tom eased our stress about the filing and court hearing process, as he thoroughly explained what Chapter 7 entails, as well as exactly what to expect during and after the filing process; he was accurate on each point that he advised us on. Tom also kept in frequent contact with us and responded quickly to any questions or concerns that we had while we worked with him. Tom's expertise and tact was invaluable for us, and we will absolutely recommend him to any of our friends and relatives that may find themselves in similar positions to ours. Thank you, Tom, for your dedicated help during this process.”


  • Tom Hensel is definitely the right attorney to call!

    “I was referred to Tom Hensel by a friend. My first impression was not only was Tom professional but he's so kind and caring too. He helped my husband and I through an embarrassing, scary situation and definitely made it more positive one. He guided us through our options and helped us make the right decision for us which ended up being a chapter 7 bankruptcy. Tom was so knowledgeable and helped us throughout the whole process. He never once made us feel uncomfortable or dumb when we had questions. He was also very easy to get a hold of when questions would come up and would always return our calls and emails promptly. I strongly recommend Tom to anyone going through this kind of financial nightmare. Do yourselves a favor and call him right away. He will help you get on the right path again. Our only mistake was waiting so long to call him!! When we in court waiting our turn all the other attorneys referred to their clients as "The debtors" Tom on the other hand acknowledged us by our names. Little things mean a lot and that left a lasting impression with us. Tom Thank You again for all your help!!”

    Stacy S.

  • Tom was the most professional.

    “I researched 3 attorneys before signing with the Hensel Law Office for my bankruptcy proceedings. Tom was the most professional and he explained all of my questions without trying to make a quick buck on me. I would recommend Hensel Law Office to my friends or family going through a similar difficult situation.”


  • Mr. Hensel walked me through every step.

    “I would highly recommend the Hensel Law Office!! Mr. Hensel walked me through every step, got my garnishments stopped very quickly (even got garnished wages returned to me!) and told me what to expect along the way. He answered all of my questions in a very timely manner- no matter what time I sent an email or gave him a phone call. Also, I felt his price was very reasonable compared to some of the other places that I called. Mr. Hensel answered plenty of questions that I had before I even became a client.”


  • Sincerest thanks for all of your help in affording me what I consider a real "fresh start."

    “I wanted to give you my sincerest thanks for all of your help in affording me what I consider a real "fresh start". My divorce was unfortunate but definitely a needed change for the better. However, the financial side of things still seemed to keep that past linked, which makes this an enormous weight lifted. I just can't believe the impact it's made on my outlook with...everything.I will be sure to keep your business cards handy to distribute along with highly favorable words of recommendation should the needs arise.Thank you again for your time and professional guidance.”