Blog Posts in September, 2013

  • What are the Positive Aspects of Bankruptcy?

    || 18-Sep-2013

    Being faced with a massive amount of debt can be an extremely overwhelming and frightening experience. If you do not have sufficient income to pay your obligations, the rising interest rates and the, you could very easily find yourself on the edge of financial ruin. Creditors may be harassing you at all hours of the day and night. You might be facing foreclosure or only getting part of your ...
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  • Can I File for Bankruptcy More Than Once?

    || 16-Sep-2013

    While it is possible for an individual to file for bankruptcy more than once, there are certain requirements which must be met. Each different form of bankruptcy has a waiting period between filings. The waiting period was established to discourage and prevent people from continuously mounting up a massive amount of debt and attempting to seek bankruptcy protection to avoid fulfilling their ...
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  • Will Bankruptcy Destroy My Credit?

    || 12-Sep-2013

    One of the most common questions about filing for bankruptcy is whether or not filing for bankruptcy destroys credit. In all honesty, if you are at the point where you are considering filing for bankruptcy, your credit has more than likely already suffered some damage. When an individual is unable to maintain his or her financial obligations to banks, credit card companies, leasing agents, ...
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