New Year's Resolution - Get a Fresh Start

Posted By Thomas Hensel || 6-Jan-2012

Happy New Year!

January is typically one of the busiest times of the year for a Michigan Bankruptcy Attorney. Since the underlying philosophy of a bankruptcy filing is to obtain a 'fresh start' - this really shouldn't come as a surprise.

It is understandable that sometimes it's easier to try to forget our problems than to deal with them. However, there's something about flipping the calendar over to the new year that resonates with those enduring financial difficulties. After all, who want's to spend another year of harrassing creditor phone calls or having a paycheck garnished?

A Michigan Bankruptcy Attorney may also find it easier to determine your eligibility to file under Chapter 7 in January. This is because your most recent paystubs will likely have a final year to date gross income figure for the year that just ended. Chapter 7 eligibility is determined by your 'means test' score - which is essentially your pro-rated annualized gross income figure. So if we can take a quick look at what your gross earnings were for the year that just ended, then we can in most situations, almost immediately determine if we're looking at a potential Chapter 7 filing or if we should instead be considering Chapter 13

So if you're experiencing financial hardship - there's no time like the beginning of the New Year to stand up to it.

Here's to 2012!

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